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Figure 1. Newest remote control model. This accommodates 2 standard 1.5V AAA batteries. Do not insert the special 3.6 Volt batteries into this remote control.

This section is not to be interpreted as a deviation from the instructions provided in the user manual. This page has been drafted to help our customers speed up the first set up process of the device. The device is very simple to set up, it normally takes an experienced user less than one minute.Please read the user manual in its entirety before attempting to start up the device. Should any part of the user manual not be clear please feel free to get in touch with us for clarification. Please note that before starting to use the device for its aesthetic intended purposes you should be able to easily and comfortably generate and sustain the electrical arc for at least 2 seconds while the device is set at minimum power (level 1) with three battery configuration. To learn this skill please practice on a piece of test meat as shown on this page of the online training platform. Then you can go and review each other section as you require of the online training platform to familiarise with the different techniques for the several aesthetic applications of the device. Always bear in mind that there are several intended purposes of this portable electrical plasma generator and it may take a while to learn all about each aesthetic treatment protocol, so take your time and do not rush the learning process. If at any point would require any clarification please feel free to contact us either over the phone or via email.

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