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Free advertising videos, displaying your business name, website name and contact details, when you hire or purchase the BeautyTeck!

If you hired or purchased a unit from us in the UK we will hep you advertise with a video we will post on our dedicated YouTube channel displaying your  contact details. Than you can embed the video, from our YouTube channel onto your website. This Service is completely free to every of our UK Customers for both the trial, rental or purchase option.



General Avert



Eyelid Tightening Advert



Tattoo Removal Advert



Moles Removal Advert

We know how expensive and inconvenient it can be to edit your own videos for advertising. This is why we have this new option for you. At Areton Ltd we have extensive in house experience in Video editing. We will therefore bring to you free advertising videos with your name and your website name on it.

So all you have to do is sending us an email detailing:

  • The business name
  • Website
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

We will edit the standard video with your details. Then you can go to the Client’s dedicated YouTube Channel and click on “Share” first and “Embed” after. All you have to do first is to copy on your HTML code and the video will be on your website.