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If you are a Limited Company in the UK, you can now also finance the BeautyTeck.


Finance maybe available outside the UK, please talk to your distributor for this option.

Key Advantages of finance to Limited companies in The UK:

  • Low monthly repayments.
  • Terms flexibility 3 or 5 year repayment period.
  • Often no upfront fees.
  • All repayments could be offset against corporation tax (consult your own tax advisers on the matter).

Please note that training costs  or consultation fees cannot be included within the finance package. For more detailed information and to arrange finance please contact or Satellite Finance Limited on 01633 262 722 ask for Andew Morelli.

You can also contact:

Please call 01772 281752 and ask for Gill Rubinstein.

Please note that repayment terms, monthly repayments, interest rates, length of the loan are subject to the discretion of individual lenders and credit score of the limited company applying for the loan.

Please note that Areton Limited does not offer:

  • Financial advice
  • Loans of any types
  • Work with any financial institution
  • Brokerage work

Before entering into any agreement of any type read carefully the terms and condition of contract of the financial vehicle proposed to your company.

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