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You have asked us to have free demopstrations. There are a number of users in the UK ready to come to your clinic to show you the device and the treatments on your own clients.

There is no obligation to purchase the device at any time you can benefit from the live experience and use the device. All you have to f

What you want to have ready:

  • At least four models for the day
  • send us the pictures and the contact details of the models in advance

Send the pictures to

Once we receive this information we will forward the information to our panel of approved users. The user who would like to perform the demonstration will get in touch with you and arrange to come to your clinic to perform the treatments. Please note that the demonstration is not provided by aReton Ltd but the specific user who will perform the treatments.   but the organisation  One of the users of the BeautyTeck Device.

Please note that if you have a demonstration performed by one of our users and you would later like to purchase the device this will have to be purchased though the specific legal entity which provided the demonstration free of charge. You may appreciate that the we are all in business to make money and the discounted price we quote can only be obtained if the work required to carry out the sale is limited.  the legal entity.

Please note that all pictures and video footage taken at the demonstration will be used for marketing purposes.

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