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The training platform is always free and you will be able to access it 24/7 wherever you are in the world. Why not trying it today, it is free and there is no need for subscriptions! CLICK HERE to start it!

What are the advantages of on-line training versus a live event?

  • The training is organised so that you learn Step by Step in multiple sessions to suit our natural learning pattern. The amount of knowledge you are required to learn cannot be absorbed during one event only.
  • At any given live event of on-site training sessions it is only possible to provide only a small part of the information available one the on-line training platform. In a live training seminar it is not possible to break down all the information required to cover each individual type of treatment because the types of treatments are several. This is mainly due to time constraints. Because, we have conducted several  training sessions and shot thousands of hours of footage during the treatments, we are therefore able to offer all our knowledge on our on-line training platform, where there is no time constraints imposed by the logistics on any given standard traning day. After all the only effective time spent on live training is amounting to 1 or 2 hours at best.
  • On the on-line training platform you have the equivalent of 10 full days of intense training at your disposal 24/7. You can access the past sessions carried out on over 100 different clients on our YouTube Channel. We would need to provide training for at least 10 full days and have over 50 models with over 50 different aesthetic treatments each in order to provide you equivalent value.
  • You can fit your training according to your working schedule.
  • If you hired the device to trial it you have plenty of time to trial it according to the training instructions. On a training seminar you will hardly have the chance to use the unit for any extended period of time.
  • We also test your knowledge on-line to make sure you have the best knowledge possible before starting to use the BeautyTeck. To start the on-line tests please CLICK HERE. There is no need for any subscriptions.
  • If you have any question you can either call us or email us and we will either answer over the phone or even make further updates to out on-line platform to accommodate your request for clarification.


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BeautyTeck On-line Training: VoltaicPlasma.Com

How can I get the treatment right if I use the training platform? The nature of the on-line training will make you very knowledgeable in the use of the device. You will see that in the training platform we tell you how the physics of voltaic arcing works. Then we run you through the basic exercises on a piece of meat to teach you two things first hand:

  • The way voltaic arcs work on a soft tissue like a mole or the skin. You will learn that regardless the power level used the amount of tissue burned is primarily due to the duration of the arc itself. This exercise will have you to familiarise yourself with the way the arc works. You will have plenty of opportunities to do this with ample time if you have chosen to rent the device from us to trial it.
  • You will also learn the safest way to operate the device, which is the lowest power level. This is the power level used by beginners. It usually takes one day of practising on the meat before developing the manual skills required to use the device at minimum power level. As we explain in the training platform, this is only a matter of manual practice in the use of the device and it does not have anything to do with academic qualifications. What you will find it that the more you use the device the more confident you will become in the use of the device.
  • Once you are confident with the use of the device at minimum power then we teach you what the overall intensity of treatment is. This is the combination of power setting, duration of the voltaic arcing and the distance between each spots. When you first start treatments on any clients you have already practised extensively on the use of the device. Additionally you will use the device at minimum intensity. As you then gain confidence you will naturally increase the intensity of the treatments.

  What is the easiest way to practice? This is simple, just hire the BeautyTeckt! We have devised the easy hire option  exactly to have you to try and practice using the device without making any large financial commitments and in your own time. After all, all you have to do is follow the the instruction in the on-line training platform and you will be up and running. If you are based in the UK and you would like to know more about this easy option please CLICK HERE.      

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