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We have made it extremely easy for you to trial the BeautyTeck Oversease TOO! Only 320 Euros including VAT per month! NO Minimum Contracts!

If you are a Limited company, you can now rent the BeautyTeck instead of buying it outright. This is the perfect solution if you want to trial the device without committing to high capital expenditure. You can trial the BeautyTeck for only 320 Euros (including VAT) for the first month and keep it for the same monthly price! No minimum contract! (So you can keep it for a month only if you want).

No Deposit. With this option you can trial the BeautyTeck for a very small amount without the commitment of buying the device, and you can keep it on a rental basis if you like.


  • Roll in contract right from the start. No Minimum Term (this is a limited offer). You can decide to stop the rental at no extra cost and with no commitments. This a great advantage versus all the other offers available from other companies. Also a great advantage versus the standard 3 to 5 year monthly commitments offered by financial institutions, which you will need to honour even if you later do not want the equipment any longer.
  • We will honour any warranties for the entire rental period. After all it is our interest to make sure the device works and you keep up with the rental.
  • Your business will not need to allocate all the cash resources for purchasing the unit outright.
  • This allows your business more spare cash to focus on your trading activities when this is most needed.
  • You can rent it for one month only to trial the unit and return it for only 320 Euros Including VAT . A full month is usually ample to trial the unit, far longer than you would have during any of our visits or live seminar (where you can only watch). This is the preferred option for those who want to see the results on their own models!
  • After the first month rental you will benefit from our re-edited videos for your marketing with your business name, website name and contact information. for more information about this option please CLICK HERE.
  • You do not need to pay interests to financial institutions.

Click on the button below to place your order for the BeautyTeck rental.


Please click on this link to subscribe to the 320 Euros monthly payment. The subscription will end as soon as we receive your unit back. Please allow at least 5 working days to receive your set. If you are hiring the device for a particular event or job, please make sure you hire the device well in advance to make sure you have your complete set on time.

Key Terms

  • Limited companies only.
  • Subsequent monthly payments 320 Euros INCLUDING VAT.
  • No deposits.
  • Minimum Term NONE. No commitments. Roll in contract (pay as you go). So you can trial it for a month only if you wish.

Rental option available to Limited Companies Only!

Do you have what you need once you receive the BeautyTeck?

  1. Remember to review the on-line Training Platform in advance.
  2. Have the appropriate antiseptic ready.
  3. Topical numbing product ready of the treatments
  4. Produce your consent forms, click here to view an example
  5. Produce your Medical history form, click here to view an example
  6. Produce your After-care recommendation leaflet, click here to view an example

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that no “Damage waivers” or “Damage Waiver Plus” are currently offered therefore the hirer shall arrange their own insurance to cover such risks if she/he wishes to do so. Make sure you understand and agree to the standard Terms and Conditions of hire as they form integral part of our hire contract. Postage back for returns have to be borne by the hirer. To view the full Terms and conditions please Click Here.

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