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This offer is only valid for those who participated in our live training and are are placing an order of 3 BeautyTeck devices. This price is only valid on a package of 3 not less.

If you are buying the BeautyTeck one by one the price is the standard retail price £3000 plus VAT or 3690 USD outside the UK.

The black Friday special price is 3580 USD.


Please note that, when the order has not been dispatched yet, we reserve the right to cancel the order and return the full amount in case:

  • the total number of orders is not reached. In such case the full price will be charged of 3690 USD in order for us to fulfill the order. In case the order has been fulfilled the full price of the device is still 3690 USD and the balance will be required to be paid in full to Areton LTD.
  • The customer has not participated in the live event
  • The order has been received after the limited time offer.

Please review the terms and conditions of sale are here

This sale includes:

  • BeautyTeck Device
  • 3 Non Sterile needles
  • Basic Packging
  • 4 special blue batteries
  • 1 Dummy battery
  • Remote control

Please note that the the battery charger is not included in this package. You will have to purchase it separately. To do so please follow this link.

Buy 1 off Beautyteck in a package of 3 now



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