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You have asked us how long it takes to get your money back. The answer is simple, almost immediately.


The treatment prices dictated by current market rate make the BeautyTeck an extremely attractive investment both from the purchasing and especially from the hiring point of view.


Hiring Example:

The current market rate for a single eyelid tightening treatment vary between £300 and £500. A single Eyelid tightening treatment can pay for trialling the device itself! Also a single eyelid tightening treatment will pay for the whole month’s rental and more!
So if you think that you will be able to easily only perform 2 or more eyelid tightening treatments per month then the BeautyTeck hire will be profitable already.

Worked Example:

Price for an upper and lower eyelid tightening £450.

Cost of hiring the device for the first month £359.

Cost of battery charger £20 which will last for several years.

Cost of Emla £10 which lasts for numerous treatments.

Various other expenses £10 which will last for several treatments.

Total costs £399 Total income £450. Earning on the only one treatment taking into account the fist month rental £51! The remaining treatments for the month are profit producing.

The above example demonstrates how the rental of the BeautyTeck is a very safe and low risk investment. All you need is one eyelid tightening treatment for paying the first month rental.

The above does not take into account your marketing costs to attract customers, this is omitted because it is assumed you have a pull of customers through your current business. It is also assumed you chose the on-line training which is free of charge.

The same applies to any other treatments possible with the BeautyTeck. If you are able to performs 2 or 3 treatments of the many other treatments possible with the BeautyTeck per month, then the hire will be profitable.

Purchase Example:

The Return On Investment on a purchase is dependant on the real earning you can expect once you have the device.

Typically a single eyelid tightening treatment brings an income of £450, crow’s feet attenuation can bring an income of £400 per treatment. Therefore once you have performed 10 to 15 treatments have your money back and more.

To view the pricing of the treatments currently charged in the UK with Voltaic Arcing Please Click Here



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