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  • Extremely Compact.
  • Latest Ultra Fast Microprocessor.
  • Can be carried in a Handbag. Dimensions: 250x60x50 mm.
  • Light Weight 280g maximum weight including batteries.
  • 32 Selectable Output Power Levels.
  • Accommodates 4 Special AAA 3.7V batteries. Easily available on the market.
  • Digital Display.
  • Battery Level Indicator.
  • Power Level Indicator.
  • 4 LED light Power Levels.
  • Customer Name Displayed on the Device Upon Request.
  • Update-able Embedded Firmware.
  • Electrode operates at 1KV (20% variance).
  • Main frequency of 100 KHz (20% variance).
  • Hand-held device.
  • Power output ranging from less than 1W to 4 Watts
  • Unlike other units, mains connection is not required.
  • Electrodes can be sterilised using an appropriate autoclave.
  • External compact battery charger easily available on the market from many suppliers. No heavy base stations required.

HS Code 85437099


Image of the enclosure initial design.

Image of the enclosure initial design.

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