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Dr Edwin Anthony.

Dr Edwin Anthony | EA Clinic Director & Founder

Hair Transplant Surgeon & Cosmetic Doctor

Born in London and trained in Medicine and Surgery in the prestigious Trinity College Dublin and qualified in 1999.

Dr Anthony performs FUE hair transplants, the latest Vaser 4D Body Sculpturing technique, Power X Vaser liposuction and minimally invasive aesthetics. He completed his advanced training in Aesthetic Medicine in 2009 and has been practicing in the field of aesthetic cosmetic procedures since.  He was trained in FUE and FUT hair transplantation techniques but has since progressed to only FUE. He has attended European workshops with some of the most famous hair surgeons in the world.


Dr Edwin Anthony had the following to say about the BeautyTeck: “I am very pleased with this device. Not only do we get consistent results with Plasma Eyelid tightening, but also unexpectedly this portable device is out performing my expensive lasers in Tattoo Removal. I am pleasantly surprised. I initially trialled the unit on the rental option provided by the Areton, after using in for a few months we decided to acquire the unit for our clinic. It delivers consistent outstanding results.”



Doctor Gabriela | London

Doctor Gabriela has a long established clinic in London. not only does she have extensive experience in aesthetic medicine, but she also the approved trainer for a vast range of aesthetic products.


This is what she had to say about the BeautyTeck: “Hi, I am happy with your device because the results are good. The device does what it says on the tin. I am very pleased.
I have used your device and your competition’s, your is lighter and more comfortable to handle.”

Regards Dr.Gabriela

Doctor Diana Elizabeth Tirado Gutierrez  – MEXICO

Specialty: Aesthetic Medicine

Professional license (DGP): 3747869

Address of the office: Av. Manuel Acuña 2975, cabbage providencia, CP44670, Zapopan, Jal. Mexico


Mauricio Ramirez

Mauri Beauty | Switzerland

Mauricio has long experience performing a vast array of aesthetic treatments. He  had been looking for the right Plasma Device for his clinic for quite sometime, when by word of moth heard about the BeautyTeck . He is now a proud owner of the BeautyTeck and the device is a daily indispensable tool in his cosmetic clinic in aesthetic treatments in Reiden. MauriBeauty is our featured clinic in Switzerland.

What Mauricio has to say about the BeautyTeck: ” Great Device, we are using it for many types of different treatments. The one we find it best for is Eyelid Tightening, the results are extremely good and consistent. On top of all this the device is multi-power, small and portable!”

Clinic Owner

Mauricio Ramirez



 Cosmedikal | Turkey

Our top distributor outside the European Union, in Turkey find that their customers are delighted with the BeautyTeck on a consistent basis.

Gojko Saranovic | Dakina Group Director & Founder

Dakina Group is the approved distributor for Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. This is what the Founder of Dakina Group had to say about the BeautyTeck: “We have worked for a long time with this device! It is very dynamic, it has several power levels, it has so many useful applications and it is completely portable! Great device indeed.”

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