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What if you have another electrical Plasma unit for similar purposes, which is not operational and you would like to trade it in for a BeautyTeck?

At Areton we work to keep your business going even if you have been using other units.


Electrical Plasma units, sometimes break down after warranty and repair may be lengthy and expensive. We have the solution for you! And the unit you have does not even need to be operational for you to qualify for the trade in option. If in doubt call us for more information.


Trade in your old unit (1 Year Warranty) 1078 GBP

 Click on the link above to purchase the trade-in option on-line.

All you need to do is place the order on-line and send the other electro fulguration (plasma) unit back to us. If we are able to fix the unit, we will return the unit you sent us otherwise we will keep the unit and provide you with a BeautyTeck.


Basics terms:

Sometimes the original manufacturer will not allow other parties to repair their units. Especially in this case we may replace your unit with a BeautyTeck. In any case we will decide whether to repair or replace the unit you send us based on your particular case and at our sole discretion.

In case of repair the warranty will only cover the repair work . This means, that the warranty will only cover the part (or component replaced) and the soldering required for the repair work. Other parts of the unit, circuitry and components are not covered by the repair warranty.

In case we decided to replace the unit, we will retain ownership of your old one and supply you with a BeautyTeck or similar. In case of replacement, the unit you will receive may have different settings to the old unit you are used to. It is therefore recommendable you perform the usual tests on the piece as recommended in our training Platform to familiarise with your BeautyTeck. This does not usually take long because the you are already familiar with the way these units operate. The unit we will send you may be a BeautyTeck or a different one in case of product discontinuation. The unit you will receive may be refurbished and in any case the warranty will be the one you selected at the time of repair service purchase.

The cost of posting the old unit back to our registered address shall be borne by the client (purchaser). We will cover the shipping cost back to the customer.

Please note that this option is only applicable to selected electro-fulguration (Plasma) units. In order to make sure you qualify for this offer contact us in advance to enquire.

The intended used of any devices we supply are aesthetic unless stated otherwise. Before booking our trade-in service please read the terms of business by clicking here, to view the warranty terms please click here.

If this trade in  has been arranged through a distributor, the approved seller must register the client with us in order for the warranty to be transferred to its respective end user. If this is not done the warranty will remain with the Distributor and we will have no dealings with the end user (in that case the warranty may be restricted to the end user).

If we deem it necessary we reserve the right to decline this services at our own sole discretion. If we decline this service and the purchase has been made we will refund the purchaser in full.




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