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UK and Ireland Agents

Do you want to join an exciting you growing business organisation?


Areton Ltd are looking for sales agents throughout the UK and Ireland to sell the BeautyTeck.

You do not need to have experience in sales or be selling anything. You do not need to invest in any stock. All you have to do is: showing how the treatments are carried out to the cosmetic clinic owners. The results of the treatments a few weeks down the line will do the rest.

 Once people see the treatment results they usually buy. So all you have to do is literally show your potential buyers how the treatments are carried out.

In order to generate the sales all you have to do is simply demonstrate how the treatments are carried out, the more demonstrations the more sales you will eventually generate for yourself.


BeautyTeck in action.

So if you think you have what it takes in order to be showing these treatments to cosmetic clinic owners and you have a pleasant personality then this is the right opportunity for you.


What we offer:

  • Using your own self generated leads you make 35% of each sale (value excludes VAT).¬† This is payable within 15 days form receipt of funds from the client.
  • Do you not have to worry about invoicing, carrying stock, building a websites or anything of the sort, we have done the hard work already; all you have to do is, show the treatments to potential customers and eventually the sales will come.


What do you need to do:

  • Hire a BeautyTeck or purchase a BeautyTeck
  • Study the material on the Online Training Platform
  • Perform all the exercises on the training platform and make sure you are master all techniques and protocols which are published on VoltaicPlasma.com.
  • Start arranging dates for the demonstrations with the clinic owners.
  • Arrange a conference call or meeting with us before going to your first demonstration for final briefings.
  • Carry out the demonstrations.