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The on-line training platform has been designed to allow you full access to all the training material including practical examples. Many users have opted for this easy option.

The BeautyTeck has been tested on all skin types

The BeautyTeck has been tested on all skin types

Because when you are learning a new skill it takes time to absorb the knowledge required, the on-line training platform allows you to absorb the information in your own time. Also, since the material available on the on-line training platform is the combination of several thousands of hours of live training sessions, it contains great wealth of information which you could not possibly absorb within one sitting at any single live training session.

Free Demonstration from our Agents and Users.

If you want to have a free demonstration you need to:

  • prepare at least four models for the day of the demonstration
  • send us the pictures and the contact details of the models in advance

You can send the pictures to

Once we receive this information we will forward the information to our panel of UK users. The user who would like to perform the demonstration will get in touch with you and arrange to come to your clinic to perform the treatments. Please note that the demonstration is not provided by Areton Ltd but the specific user who decides to perform the treatments.
You may appreciate that demonstrations can be expensive, hence although there is no obligation to purchase the device, please bear in mind that if you have a demonstration performed by one of our users and later you would like to make a purchase, this will have to be done through the specific legal entity which provided the demonstration free of charge at different prices. Areton LTD will not be able to sell or hire out our devices to you any dealings will be handled though the legal entity who provided the free demonstration to recoup the costs of the demonstrations.

All treatments must be strictly video recorded, and the video footage (including pictures) will be used for future publications and marketing purposes. All models must consent to video recording the procedure. Areton Ltd and the legal entity performing the treatment on the day retain all copyrights of the footage/s produced during the demonstrations.



Areton Ltd’s Demonstrations.

As you have seen our BeautyTeck is priced very competitively and exceeds the technical specifications of the major other suppliers on the market. This is because in our business model we only focus on two aspects:

  1. Detailed online training for our devices, not available from other manufacturers.
  2. Manufacturing and supplying the best devices at the best prices,

still providing our customers with what they really want and need in their businesses.

Our competitors spend in expensive marketing events, exercises and pyramidal sales structures which although effective, impact on the final price you pay for the device and the real tangible benefits you get from them. Additionally this makes it difficualt for them to be able to hire out the device to you to trial it in your own time, something we are very good at doing instead (Click Here to view the pricings and details of our rental option).

Some of these organisations may provide “free training”, however the price, if you decide to purchase their device is several times higher and the technical specifications cannot match with our value proposition. Ask other suppliers for their technical specifications and purchase price in advance, this may surprise you.   We are so confident you will love our devices that we have introduced the rental option in the UK, this is because we know that once professionals try our devices they will love them and will want to keep them one way or another.

This is not offered by any one else in the market, due to their expensive business structures.

So if you would like to have an “Infield Demonstration” we will be able to do it at an additional price this is because our pricing structure for purchase and hiring does not factor in the uncertainty of the sale (whether the sale is coming or not after the demonstration so to speak) is not added onto our pricing both in terms of rental and purchase price.

We invite the reader to attend any free seminars and “training” conducted by other companies and compare prices offering, technical specifications and business propositions. As a final note we are the only company publishing our devices’ technical specifications online.

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